Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)
73% Polyester 27% Polyurethane
1 way 10% stretch
Weight: 160 gsm
Description:  PUL is a waterproof, but breathable, fabric often used for making cloth diapers.  Poly interlock is printed and then laminated by a thin stretchy plastic film.
Used best for: Cloth diaper shells, backing cloth menstrual cloth pads, breast pads, snack bags, outdoor pillow/cushion covers, shower curtains, rain ponchos.
Texture: Lightweight, stretchy, smooth, and soft; very vivid, bright, and colorful printing- holds color and doesn't fade.
Care instructions: Warm/hot wash with tumble or air dry. While PUL can handle HOT temperatures of wash and drying- it is still recommended that you warm wash and air/tumble dry on a regular basis to extend the life of your fabric.
Suggestions for sewing: Use a walking foot and ball point needles when sewing with PUL.